Cocktails & Hot Sauce

Cocktails, Jalapenos, Latin, Spicy

Most of us grab a hot cup of coffee or tea to, amongst other things, warm us up, especially on those bone-chilling winter (and some spring) days. Now, let’s say you’re going out for drinks or for dinner, and you’re in the mood for a warm drink; a cup of coffee or tea isn’t the optimal choice here. A word of caution, if you don’t like spicy foods, you’re not going to enjoy this suggestion. Try a jalapeno-infused cocktail. Many Latin restaurants around town, especially Mexican, offer jalapeno-infused tequila on their drink menu. You’ll feel the heat once it hits your lips, and it’ll warm you up like the best moonshine, east of the Mississippi, going down. Now, I love spicy foods so I’m a huge fan of these jalapeno-infused spirits. The best, of this spicy brew, make you cough after the first two or three sips like you’re a teenager taking your first swig of hard liquor.

Calle Ocho, inside the Excelsior Hotel, ‘Mule Kick’ with jalapeno-infused tequila and ginger beer

Mule Kick