Cooling Off on The High Line: Mexican Paletas

Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Ice Pops, Pork, Tacos

We had some scorching hot days this summer! The kind of heat that makes you not want to venture out from your air-conditioned dwelling to do anything but find refuge from the weather at another location. I found myself out, on one of the milder days, taking a walk on the High Line. I noticed the increased presence of food carts on this aboveground park. I decided to cool off and get a Mexican popsicle, a paletas, from the LaNewYorkina cart. I got a mango/chile paletas, and as I sat on the bench to bite into it, I thought it would be great to have these food options in other city parks. Normally, if you want sit in the park and eat you have to BYOB, and I usually don’t get hungry until I’m already in the park.