Cooling Off on The High Line: Mexican Paletas

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We had some scorching hot days this summer! The kind of heat that makes you not want to venture out from your air-conditioned dwelling to do anything but find refuge from the weather at another location. I found myself out, on one of the milder days, taking a walk on the High Line. I noticed the increased presence of food carts on this aboveground park. I decided to cool off and get a Mexican popsicle, a paletas, from the LaNewYorkina cart. I got a mango/chile paletas, and as I sat on the bench to bite into it, I thought it would be great to have these food options in other city parks. Normally, if you want sit in the park and eat you have to BYOB, and I usually don’t get hungry until I’m already in the park.

There Goes That Food Truck Again: Cool Haus

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photo: Cool Haus

photo: Cool Haus

At Union Square West: It’s been a very mild winter so far, so it no surprise to see an ice cream truck, Cool Haus, in New York City – with a line, of course. What’s highlighted on the menu, of the artisan ice cream maker? This day, it was an ice cream sandwich with sweet potato & marshmallow swirl gelato between two pumpkin spice cookies and caramel hot chocolate with chocolate blossoms and whipped.

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There Goes That Food Truck Again: Van Leeuwen

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One morning on my way to work I spotted the Van Leeuwen truck. Now, I know they have great artisan ice cream (Palm Sugar, Red Currant, Roasted Banana, Earl Grey), but I thought it was odd that they were out so early. When I stopped at the truck, it was then that I realized Van Leeuwen is also a bakery. Along with that great ice cream, the truck also had rich ground coffee and a variety of pastries and cookies. I decided to grab an orange muffin and couple of cookies (chocolate and ginger). If you never had their ice cream, it’s truly something special. Their pastries are on a par with the ice cream. The guy working in the truck told me that they have different pastries each day.

Parm: Italian Comfort Food

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Parm dish

Photo: Parm NYC


Italian-American home cooking in a small but cozy spot, that’s how to best describe Parm. It’s a popular and, as expected, noisy space but the noise adds to the ambiance in some strange way. The plates are small but the bites are big – there are layers of flavors! I had the chicken parmesan platter with some baked ziti – the most incredibly creamy ziti I’ve ever had. And I topped off the meal with a slice of ice cream cake, more layers – pistachio, strawberry and chocolate, to be exact. The presentation reminded me of a Carvel cake, but one that had to be made by a pastry chef.

Photo: Parma NYC

Photo: Parma NYC

Parm, 248 Mulberry Street @ Prince Street,