There Goes That Food Truck Again: Cool Haus

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photo: Cool Haus

photo: Cool Haus

At Union Square West: It’s been a very mild winter so far, so it no surprise to see an ice cream truck, Cool Haus, in New York City – with a line, of course. What’s highlighted on the menu, of the artisan ice cream maker? This day, it was an ice cream sandwich with sweet potato & marshmallow swirl gelato between two pumpkin spice cookies and caramel hot chocolate with chocolate blossoms and whipped.

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There Goes That Food Truck Again: Van Leeuwen

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One morning on my way to work I spotted the Van Leeuwen truck. Now, I know they have great artisan ice cream (Palm Sugar, Red Currant, Roasted Banana, Earl Grey), but I thought it was odd that they were out so early. When I stopped at the truck, it was then that I realized Van Leeuwen is also a bakery. Along with that great ice cream, the truck also had rich ground coffee and a variety of pastries and cookies. I decided to grab an orange muffin and couple of cookies (chocolate and ginger). If you never had their ice cream, it’s truly something special. Their pastries are on a par with the ice cream. The guy working in the truck told me that they have different pastries each day.

Food Truck Row

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I’ve noticed over the summer, a common occurrence every weekday around 4:00 p.m. at Union Square West, near 14th Street. This area becomes Food Truck Row. There are ‘Restaurant Rows’ of all types in New York City with various ethnic cuisines. This ‘Row’ is rather eclectic; the cuisine ranges from: Korean, Mexican, BBQ and Philly Cheese Steak with yogurt and ice cream food trucks thrown into the mix.  What more do you need? These food trucks, together, allow you to enjoy a three-course meal while you sit in the park and enjoy the outdoors. There’s always variety in the cuisine on a daily basis since the food trucks are never always the same. So you never know what to expect, but you might find a new food truck you want to follow!