Finger Licking Good

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Dirty Bird

The other day, a friend complained to me about how food trucks serve such small portions. I explained that it’s because the food is meant to be eaten “on-the-go”. In most scenarios, you won’t have a place to sit and eat. So most people eat the food right outside the food truck or take it directly back to their office for lunch. Also the trucks are limited to the amount of inventory they can carry to serve the lunch crowd; too large of portions and they’ll run out of food while the lines are still long. This conversation had me thinking more and more about one of my favorite finger foods, chicken wings. A chicken wing is the perfect finger food, no fork required! 

Ollie’s: More Than Just Noodles

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I was doing some volunteer work in Morningside Heights near Columbia University recently when I saw Ollie’s Noodle Shop. It was late in the afternoon, and I didn’t have lunch yet so I decided to head in. I haven’t been to this establishment since I worked over in the Times Square area over six years ago. There was an Ollie’s in the heart of the hustle and bustle of The Square. When I saw Ollie’s I recalled one of my favorite appetizers that I haven’t had in a long while, the scallion pancake. This was really my main reason for stopping in Ollie’s. You ever have a craving for something but you can’t get it when you want it; so when you finally have access to satisfy this craving you just go for it, hungry or not!